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Financial Aid at Rite of Passage Journeys

Scholarship opportunities, workships, financial aid, payment plans

A story from Journeys’ former Executive Director, Darcy Ottey: “I was a scholarship participant with Journeys, when I was 13. I remember reading a flier about the program and thinking, “’I just have to do this!’ But it was way beyond the financial means of my family. After Journeys helped me create a financial aid plan, I received a significant scholarship, and I babysat, cleaned houses, asked family and friends to sponsor me, and generally cobbled together the $750 not covered by the scholarship in order to make it happen. I remember holding the money in my hands, and taking it on the first day of the program to pay the costs, and feeling so proud of what I’d accomplished, and this is before the trip even began!”

Journeys is strongly committed to making our programs available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Throughout our history, Journeys has never turned away a participant for lack of funds. Our financial aid process is straightforward and open-ended, and we invite you to apply for the level of aid that will make the program do-able for your family. 

We stretch our funds to meet the needs of as many as possible, so we typically aren't able to award full scholarships. We suggest that participants and families engage in some fundraising among family and friends — both to raise needed funds, and to engage the participant's community in the experience they are about to embark on, which increases the power and sustainability of the changes they will undergo. We are also very willing to arrange payment plans to spread out costs, especially if your payment plan begins at registration. 

Let the cost of the program be no barrier to providing your young person (or yourself!) with this experience at the right time  — whether this year, next, or the next. All of our financial aid funds come directly from individuals and families who have seen the power of our programs, and donate to make these experiences accessible to everyone who is called to them. 

We are happy to work together to create a financial plan to ensure your access to this experience! Depending on the situation of the family or individual, this plan can include:

A financial “Stretch.” We request that those needing financial assistance share in the stretch. A stretch may be 75% of the cost or a small contribution – we do not provide full scholarships. We also support and suggest payment plans, where the family or individual may pay tuition over a period of months before the program completion.

Fun-Raise or offer paid service for tuition funds. Get creative! You would be surprised how pleased folks are to help out participants of meaningful programs such as ours. Youth participants in the past have raised money through pledges, and activities such as babysitting and mowing lawns. We find that this can be a great way to rally a whole community around what a young boy or girl is doing, investing them in the program and providing  them with a whole group of folks who are interested in the stories upon their return.

Request a scholarship award.  On average, the purely scholarship portion of the tuition cost is about half of the tuition; sometimes it will be just a small supplement. Please note that at this time we do not give full scholarships.

Download our Financial Aid Packet today and submit it via email: 

Please feel free to submit an application anytime, or contact us to inquire about scholarship availability. 

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