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Youth ages 8-11 2

“If you have any doubts that you have what it takes at the beginning, you’ll know by the end that you do.” – Participant, Cory

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Ages 12-14

“My parents wept, my brothers chuckled as I was swept away, I remember my joys, my sorrows, my griefs, to this very day. I remember the excitement, joy and unknown, as if my departure was nothing I’d known. That was soon forgotten as I walked down the path, through an experience that would forever last. As I think of it now it was a powerful thing, My childhood was done – I could hear the fat lady sing. Though it’s now over it’s never quite dead, the good and the bad still live in my head.” – Exert from My Journey by Megan Thompson, 2002

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Ages 12-14 2

“This rite of passage taught me that people are not always going to be there for me all my life. I’m going to have to depend on myself to do things and believe in myself more.” – Participant, Maurice Tyson at age 13

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– “What I did not expect was the effect that the rite of passage would have on my wife, the mom, and me. The separation ceremony was one of the most moving experiences we have had since the birth of our children. It transformed the intellectual, ‘this kid is not a kid anymore’ into a real, gut-wrenching reality, ‘your child is gone, you will never see this child as a child again’. The intensity of the moment is still fresh in my heart.” – Participant Parent, COAG 2002

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Youth Ages 15 - 18

“The vision quest was a real departure for me. But now I feel I can stand on my own two feet. I’m a much stronger person, more like an adult and less like a child.” – Participant, Nina Davis, Seattle 1992

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– “My relationship to the natural world and the spirit are intertwined so much that I cannot bring them apart in my mind. I have always felt at peace and able to think beyond my surroundings when I am alone in the woods, near the water, or sitting in a field. I feel connected to the world on a level beyond words or even meaning when I am alone with nature.”

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Ages 15-18

“Here I am at the crossroads into adulthood. I stand before the threshold to adulthood ready to sever the ties of my youth, and begin new growth on the dead tree that represents childhood. The tree of youth that once stood tall with all of it’s quirky branches and knots, now lays horizontal, ready to give my new growth all the water and nutrients it needs to grow.” Eli Keltz

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Schools and Organizations

“The presentation was exceptional! I learned a ton and came away with a new appreciation of Coming of Age ceremony and some practical tools for creating it.” – Kevin Riley 2007, Using Ritual with Adolescents participant at Catherine Freer in Corvallis, OR

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“My experiences on the Coming of Age Journey have had a more significant impact on my life than anything else I can think of. Those experiences continue to act as a touchstone for me now, 15 years later, and began a deep connection to community and the natural world, as well as fostering self-reflection and awareness of who I am and who I want to be in the world.” Program Participant

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“Every time, Rite of Passage Journeys provides Woodinville Montessori School with a relevant, challenging yet nurturing, well-organized and delivered program. Our students and faculty all come through it more connected and aware.”—WMS faculty

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“This is a rich first hand training experience for any person going into mentoring, but even more so for those trying to launch a mentoring program for their group, church or organization.” COALT 2001 – George

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Apprentice Journey

“The journey involved going inside yourself and finding out truths about yourself, as well as spending time in nature. I got to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and ask, ‘What do I want to get out of life? How am I going to get there? And who will come on the journey with me?” Francesca, Age 10, participant

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Call to Adventure

“This was the highpoint of her summer. I believe as much as the natural setting was the framework to hang her experiences on, she learned as much or more about mentorship, group dynamics, and herself through the excellent support of the adult leaders.” – Martha, mother of 2007 participant

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Coming of Age for Boys

“This Journey was the beginning of his transformation into a young adult. His experiences with personal reflection allowed him to understand his own worth.” – Participant Parent 2000

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Coming of Age for Girls

“Our daughter’s communication ability improved at home with us! She was able to hear our side better and able to express and defend her side better with respect to responsibilities and freedoms. I wish every family had the opportunity to send their child through your Coming of Age program. It gives the youth a real point in life to see where they are and where they want to go. You guys are invaluable!” - Participant Parent 2001

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Solo Crossing

“After her Journey our daughter knew she could survive anything. What a positive journey into adulthood! She learned to speak her mind with clarity, grace and integrity. This has been the most significant growth experience my daughter has had (twice)!” – Participant Parent

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Journey Continues

“Our son told us that for the first time in two years, he is happy. Can you imagine how that makes us feel?! For the first time in two years, we are happy, too! I bet my blood pressure has gone down 50 points! I’m not kidding. He is cooperative, he takes responsibility, he is appreciative, he can share, he can take care of himself, he smiles and he laughs a lot. Please, please keep doing exactly what you’re doing so our son can come back next year for another week.” – Participant Parent

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Journey 3

“Journeys was the beginning of our son’s personal transformation into a young adult. His experiences with personal reflection allowed him to understand his own worth.” – Participant Parent

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Adult quest

“The decision to take part in the Adult Vision Quest came from wanting to fulfill a long-term goal I had, of doing a Quest. It was also a matter of being at the right time in my life to ask some really deep questions about where I’m headed. I understand on a very profound level that regardless of where I am, my connection to the Earth is a living relationship and absolutely vital to my well-being. If that’s true for me it must also be true for others.” – 2006 AWQ Participant

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