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You are here: Home Resources Articles Why Take A Rite of Passage Journey?

Why Take A Rite of Passage Journey?

Why Take A Rite of Passage Journey? It's A Life Affirming Adventure by Stan Crow, Journeys Director Emeritus Growing up is an exciting adventure. Well, that's the way some people see it.

Why Take A Rite of Passage Journey?

       It's A Life Affirming Adventure

by Stan Crow, Journeys Director Emeritus

Growing up is an exciting adventure.  Well, that's the way some people see it.

Others, see it as hard to do, full of major problems and challenges. Sometimes, you might even declare that it's "Terrible, Horrible, No Good!"

Sometimes, you get the "can't hardly wait's" to grow up and be an adult. Other times, you wish you could just stay a kid forever, no chores, no expectations to do well in school or to be more responsible.

There are the competing expectations of parents and other adults to "be good" which you've pretty much figured out how to accomplish in order to get to do many of the things you want to do, but now there are peers who probably have different definitions of "good" and different ideas of what is good to do.

Then, there is this thing about the opposite gender. Sometimes, there is a definite attraction, other times they can be so shallow, so stupid, so "just the opposite of what I think they should be like".

There's so much to deal with.
And then there's your parents who still treat you as a child. And who are they anyway, to be always telling you what to do and how to behave?

So what can you do to change any of this?

That's a question to bring with you and work on, during a Rite of Passage Journey. How can I get my parents to see that I'm not a child, or that I can take on some adult privileges and responsibilities? How can I deal with all these issues?

I believe that there are four key parts to a Rite of Passage Journeys experience.

ONE: This is a new adventure, a chance to see new places, with new people, to try on new roles away from anyone who knows you, to invent a new you; to return at the end of this adventure with a new self-story and a new-found confidence. What an adventure -- feeling good about yourself and what you've accomplished.

TWO: A chance to do some personal growth, physically, as you travel the beautiful trails of the Olympic National Park in the mountains and on the Pacific coast you will build new strengths; Mentally, as you work together to solve the challenges along the way you will be utilizing the practical problem-solving parts of your brain; Emotionally, as you live in a small close community you will learn how to make community joyful; and Spiritually, as you have the time to get to know the beauty of the natural world you will find a new love for all of creation.

THREE: A chance to compare notes with other young people and caring, knowledgeable mentors about the challenges you are facing and maybe share what you have learned with each other. A circle of sharing with your peers.

FOUR: An opportunity to have FUN.

Are you up for adventures this summer?

The adventure of living in nature with a small group of youth and mentors?

The adventure of learning to love nature?

The adventure of facing challenges and maybe even fears?

The adventure of facing your future and discerning the direction you want to go?

The adventure of re-inventing yourself?

If you are between the ages of 8 and 80, we have a journey for you here!

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