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E-Newsletter Archive

Search through our past eNewsletters to find an article you missed.

Spring 2017, Issue XVI
This spring we have three fresh offerings. First, Journeymen co-founder and Journeys mentor Nicky Wilks shares some hard-won insights about giving effective feedback in his article Welcoming Echoes. Next, Program Director Cameron Withey converses with crows in his poem Waking to Crow. Then Youth Mentor Alex Eisenberg dives into the well of grief, speaking to her personal experience and beliefs about the power of active grieving in part one of a series on The Healing Rituals of Grief.
Summer/Fall 2016, Issue XV
Check out our Summer/Fall 2016 Issue of Passages, Journeys Quarterly Newsletter!
Spring 2016, Issue XIV
This season Andrew Tree describes his experience with the Boys to Men project in his article "A Return to Mentoring Youth", Benjamin Killian shares his poetry in "My Voice is Broken Guitar," and Alex Eisenberg reflects on her relationship with depression and healing in her article "Dying to Live: Adolescence, Despair, and The Healing Ritual of Grief."
Fall 2015, Issue XIII
Enjoy an article on the journey of discovering authenticity by Cameron Withey, a poem on "The Call of Potent Possibility" by Kirt Hodges, and Journey Continues 2015 participant Samantha Fisher's soulful re-write of the hit song "Let it Go"
Spring 2015, Issue XII
Stan Crow describes his orientation to mentoring in "The Stance of a Mentor," Randy Morris shares the story of his 2002 Elder Quest in "Elder Love," and Cameron Withey reflects on what it meant to the 2014 Journey Continues group to hike a peak to catch the sunrise in "Up for the Sunrise."
Fall 2014, Issue XI
In this issue, board member Kathie Gillet tells the story of her response to the Oso mudslide and the deep listening involved in walking the path of conscious elderhood. Next, Julia Roseman, mentor on our Solo Crossing program, explores what Journeys trips have meant to her and the young people she's worked with in the quest to become more fully alive. And finally, find a love poem to the cosmos that Office Manager and Youth Mentor Cameron Withey wrote while out on this year's Adult Wilderness Quest.
Spring 2012, Issue X
Amanda Ayling, our Director of Programs, answers a question that we hear at Journeys all the time: How do I know if my child is ready for a Coming of Age experience? And if they are ready, how do I convince them to do it!? Find also a story from the Coming of Age for Girls journey written by trip Mentor Idil Levitas.
Summer 2011, Issue IX
Navigating the Waters of Change, This is a Call to Action!, and Journeys Emerging.
Summer 2010, Issue VII
Songs for the Great Turning, Upcoming Events: A Celebration of the Tree of Life, Change is in the Air, and A Journey into Authenticity.
Winter 2010, Issue VIII
Mutual Affinity in Mentoring, On Being Welcomed into Womanhood, Gratitude for Gaining the Eyes to See, and Volunteer Spectacular Spotlight.
Spring 2010, Issue VI
This issue includes the following: Rite of Passage and the "Great Turning", The Abundance Initiative, An Abundance of Interns and Energy, Today's Storyteller: Journeys takes on Social Media, and An interview with Stan Crow
Winter 2009, Issue V
Even Before Stan Crow: The Legacy of Cultural Pioneers; Older or Elder; An End of Summer Celebration with Journeys; Adult Quest Reunion; Love Bubbles, A Poem; and Salmon Song, A Poem.
Fall 2009, Issue IV
Articles include: An Update from Emerson High School, An Americorps Year with Journeys: My Rite of Passage into Adulthood, and A HYP Internship at Journeys.
Spring 2009, Issue III
Snake Around the Sun (a Poem by Ayla Carter), Coming of Age for Communities, Loving the Questions Themselves, Getting Out to Go Within (an article about Journeys from the WTA Magazine), Gear Drive 2009!, and An Interview with Chris Dishman -- our Newest Board Member
Winter 2008, Issue II
Articles Include: Journeys Steps out in the World, We Did It! (Accomplishments in 2008), One Elder's Story, Meet our new Team, Journeys' Core Values and Value Mandala, Get to Know our Newest Board Member -- Maria Garcia, and Strategic Plan Executive Summary.
Summer 2008, Issue I
Our first newsletter! Articles Include: Earthlink Search Party, New Programs for 2008, Eco-Centric Individuation, and Interview with Long-time Supporter -- Mary Jane Marcus.
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