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You are here: Home Resources E-Newsletter Archive Fall 2014, Issue XI A Cascadian Shrine (poem)

A Cascadian Shrine (poem)

A poem written by Office Manager and Youth Mentor, Cameron Withey, while out on this year's Adult Wilderness Quest

by Cameron Withey, Office Manager & Youth Mentor


beach stones underfoot
make a spectrum of color
an array of shape and size
like the stars up above
shining and flung
far across the wondrous skies

with special stones I make
a pile, with a tail
that spirals out
and a circle ‘round it
for like those suns
there’s centers all about

I pray looking up
I pray looking down
I pray to the spiraling center
and from all directions
the beings of Here
into my circle enter:

red cedar, sword fern,
the wild rubus berries
greens of the forest brown
black bear, bald eagle
great orca and salmon
their power spread all around

I pray to remember
what’s kindred to me
and the mystery we all breathe
to stand on the ground
with the earth spinning round
in the wind of the stars we’re free

our veins like a river,
a leaf, a tree
a pattern runs through all things
born of the first
Great Spiraling Gasp!
    whose song all creation sings.

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