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You are here: Home Resources E-Newsletter Archive Summer 2008, Issue I New Programs for 2008

New Programs for 2008

Get informed about our new programs for adults and schools!

In harmony with the new growth of spring, Rite of Passage Journeys is pleased to announce the addition of two new adult programs, a program for youth Counselors, and our new school-based outreach program.

FOCUSING ON ADULTS: Because adults need rites of passage too.

After many years of successfully offering the Adult Wilderness Quest and the Coming of Age Leaders Training we have decided that it is time to introduce two new opportunities to our eager adult community: “When Autumn Comes” and “The Art of Ritual Leadership”. 

WHEN AUTUMN COMES: EXPLORING OUR ELDER YEARS is a three-day retreat for adults moving towards intentional and meaningful elderhood. Like all of our programs, this retreat will create a small community of individuals from unique backgrounds but within a similar life-stage to develop active relationships with the earth, themselves, each other, and the sacred. If you are 50 years or older and asking the questions, “Where to next?” and “What is the legacy that I wish to leave for the world?” then this is the journey for you! Program guides will include Journeys’ Director Emeritus, Stan Crow, and Journeys’ friend and elder, Fred Lanphear. 

THE ART OF RITUAL LEADERSHIP requires a commitment of four weekends spread over the course of nine weeks. Rituals are not just activities for religious communities; they are beneficial to us all and deepen our lives and our relationships. This experience will call upon our most seasoned staff members and friends at sister organizations to lead you on your journey of ritual leadership. Journeys has developed extensive knowledge about rituals and rites of passage for youth and adults and this program bears the fruits of our 40-year “labor of love”.

OLD WISDOM, NEW PRACTICES: Counselor Camp Co-Sponsor

Journeys is pleased to join forces with DSHS and JRA for Counselor Camp 2008, a weekend of seminars and activities for those that work in Adolescent Chemical Dependency Treatment. This 2-day event is designed to offer the best evidence-based theory and time-tested practice in an atmosphere focused on healing and renewal for those 'doing the work.' 

OLD WISDOM, NEW PRACTICES: HEALING OUR YOUTH AND OUR COMMUNITIES will be held at Cispus Learning Center in Randle, WA in early October. Counselors will be able to earn CEUs.

HEALTHY YOUTH PASSAGES: What is all the hype about HYP?

“What rites of passage do you have available to you right now in your life?” The question was posed after one hour of coming of age story-telling from around the world starting with the story of our modern youth in the United States. Students hesitantly raised hands and offered answers ranging from graduation to a Bar Mitzvah.

“Are you satisfied with the rites that are being offered to you?” One passionate young girl answered that she was not. She admitted regretfully that she felt cheated - especially after hearing how the transition from childhood into adulthood was celebrated for other youth outside of her own culture. Other students were less certain of their answer but were mulling over the multicultural stories and beginning to form their conclusions.

The above questions were the last of many during a 2-hour classroom-based discussion that is a part of our emerging school-based outreach program named “Healthy Youth Passages” or “HYP” (pronounced “hip”). HYP is designed to provide youth with an opportunity to work on building relationships with themselves, their community, their personal sense of the sacred, and the natural world through our meaningful mentor-supported Coming of Age curriculum. HYP participants learn about important cultural values that are misinterpreted within our modern media-infused world and are supported as they come of age as the next generation of soulful leaders.

With HYP, Rite of Passage Journeys will be able to reach out to a larger community of future leaders. So far Journeys has shared this discussion and presentation with approximately 300 students in the Portland area and about 300 in Seattle. We now look forward to continuing within our local Puget Sound public and private schools. If you would like to see HYP at your (or any!) school next year please contact We are talking with many Seattle schools right now, but sometimes it takes an endorsement from those who already know Journeys to get things rolling. Help us bring soulful and meaningful lessons into our local classrooms.      

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