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You are here: Home Resources E-Newsletter Archive Spring 2010, Issue VI An Abundance of Interns and Energy

An Abundance of Interns and Energy

By Nevada McNamara, Americorps Volunteer. On January 11th Journeys introduced eight new interns into various roles of support. Our new group of volunteer interns bring about fresh energy to this spring. Here's the update on what has happened thus far.

By Nevada McNamara, Americorps Volunteer

Over the last few months as Journeys’ resident Americorps volunteer and Volunteer Coordinator, one of my responsibilities has been the creation of an internship program within Journeys.  In January, my coordinating efforts bore fruit: Journeys has welcomed a corps of eight new interns into our fold.  We held an intern orientation on January 11th to orient all the new interns to Journeys, introducing them to all the working groups and key players and getting them trained and up to speed in all the skills they’d need to do their work.  It was also a wonderful opportunity for Journeys staff to get to know all of them, and for the interns to meet each other.

The level of enthusiasm and motivation the interns display has been amazing for all of us to behold.  It’s great to work with so many people who are excited to have an opportunity to be part of Journeys.  And work with Journeys they have: we currently have interns who are working on database organization, training and coordinating volunteers to present our Healthy Youth Passages programs, manifesting abundance through networking and gratitude, working on Journeys’ marketing plan and ensuring that it’s congruent with all of Journeys’ core values, performing outreach for our Adult Programs, and using Social Media to network and outreach for Journeys.  Just weeks into their internships, the amount of energy, commitment, and skill they bring to Journeys is already making an incredible difference in what we have been able to accomplish.

We have already set a tentative date for an “intern showcase” to show off all the quality work the interns have been doing.  The provisional date for the showcase is April 20th from 6-8pm – more details will follow.  Journeys is always looking for more people who are interested in future internship positions.  If you know of someone who would like to contribute in this way, more information is available on the Journeys website here.  Thanks to all the interns for your amazing work!

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