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You are here: Home Resources E-Newsletter Archive Spring 2010, Issue VI The Abundance Initiative

The Abundance Initiative

By Nicky Tannion, Fundraising Intern 2010. Journeys ignites the new season with an uplifting new initiative about abundance.

By Nicky Tannion, Fundraising Intern 2010

The “Abundance Initiative” is bringing about a complete shift in consciousness within the organization.  In December 2009, the Board recognized that up until this point in the organizations history it has been struggling desperately with the idea of ‘lack’ or poverty. This has created constant effort for Rite of Passage Journeys to provide not only strong programs, but also vital equipment for the youth, adults and elders it serves.

Abundance or prosperity comes in many forms, largely when we think of abundance we think of money, but this is not the only form of prosperity. Time, contacts, energy, volunteer hours, donors are all ways in which we can be prosperous. Since money is the most commonly thought of item we will look at money. Money is a form of energy, and how we view it, handle it, and even talk about it directly impacts how much we have in our lives. If we believe that money, time, even attention, is lacking, and then this is the exact reality we will have. By shifting our focus onto prosperity and abundance, there will be a change which impacts everything. Journeys is a non-profit organization, money and donations are vital for the continuation of the good work you do in the community.

The Abundance Initiative therefore is a conscious effort to welcome prosperity and deep heartfelt gratitude into Journeys. We will do this by several means, of which any member of the Journeys community is encouraged to actively participate in. There will be some ways which resonate more deeply with you than others, we acknowledge this and are deeply grateful for whatever way speaks to you personally.

Four Abundance Sweat Lodges will be held one Saturday a month, over the course of the next four months:

February 13:   Sweat Pourer: Randy Morris          Start time: 11am

March 13:       Sweat Pourer: Jeremy Franklin      Start time: 11am

April 24:         Sweat Pourer: Julie Perry               Start time: 11am

May 22:          Sweat Pourer: Randy Morris         Start time:  11am

All sweats are open to all but space is limited so please R.S.V. P the office today to make your commitment to welcoming in prosperity. If you would like to contribute in any way, but do not want to participate in the actual sweat, this is also welcomed and gratefully received. Just call or email the office with how you would like to contribute.

We would like to thank the Sweat Pourers in advance for their willingness and commitment to bringing about this change in such a powerful way.

Secondly, Board member Rebecca Orton has set up a gorgeous ‘abundance altar’ in the foyer of Journeys office. Please feel free to contribute either a gratitude card, or statement of intention to the altar next time you are in the office.

Thirdly, we have placed an abundance tree also in the office, with each leave containing the name of a financially contributing member of Journeys. The tree is growing daily, and by spring will be in full bloom!

Lastly we are planning to host a Gala in to celebrate our new found energy. This is currently planned for June 12, 2010. If anyone feels particularly drawn to helping bring about this change give Darcy a call to see how you can get involved.

We, at Journeys are fortunate enough to have the help of Susan Howlett, a highly experienced and successful Fundraising consultant in who lives and works in the Seattle area. She is working with Darcy Ottey and the fundraising committee to teach us new practical skills which will help bring about this change. Susan works directly from a space of Abundance consciousness, which only goes to solidify the experience.

There is new energy, a new committee and a new intern focused on bringing about this shift within the organization. In order for Journeys to continue its deeply impactful work, your awareness is also necessary. Here’s how you can participate without doing any more than you are now- take a few minutes and think about all the wonderful things you personally are grateful to Rite of Passage Journeys for. Friendships made. A new skill learned. A stronger sense of self. More confidence. Ability to identify a Douglas Fir. Experience your first sweat lodge.

It’s as simple and important as “fostering an attitude of gratitude!”

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